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Lambert Law Office, LLC, consists of two attorneys with more than 50 years of combined experience. The support staff has more than 50 years of combined experience, with each legal assistant concentrating on a particular area of law to better serve our clients.

Our office is devoted to helping families with a wide array of legal needs. We understand the importance of personally handling every aspect of our clients' cases. While there are larger firms with experience in the type of cases we handle, we provide individuals in the Tri-State area (Ohio) with highly skilled attorneys in several areas of complex litigation.

The attorneys at Lambert Law Office, LLC have achieved judgments against negligent individuals as high as 3.5 million dollars. Over the past several years, we achieved a number of settlements or judgments that range between $150,000-$875,000.

While it is important to handle each client's case as quickly and efficiently as possible, it is also important to choose an attorney that is willing to pursue your case through the potentially expensive litigation process. Choosing an attorney that is only interested in a quick settlement can cost you thousands of dollars. It is important to note each case must be evauluated individually and the results discussed above are not a reflection of the average personal injury settlement.

When accidents occur, the insurance companies quickly begin to investigate the accident with one objective. They want to save money! Some insurance companies even tout their annual earns are increased thanks to aggressive claims handling. (See footnote1) That simply means the insurance company makes more money by settling cases for the very lowest amount. Our office makes it our mission to settle or litigate cases to achieve a fair and reasonable settlement based on our client's individual loss.

FN1:     Article of Interest

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